Being a tourist in Buenos Aires is certainly one of my favorite roles to play when boredom commands my days off. The obligatory: go shopping and have a coffee in a cute café by the street, or visit museums, which is a not so regular task for a local. 

Last Friday, my friends and I attended Julio Le Parc's opening of his collection "Lumière" - and obviously went shopping and had the compulsary coffee at the cute café. As the title of his work (french for 'light') and the images above suggest, his art commits light and darkness as its main characters. Needless to say, the contrast between them, summed up to the magistral engineering influence present in his collection, make Le Parc's work outflank with uniqueness and distinctiveness. 

As for the fashion, above are pictures of the outfit I wore. The coat and the handbag were gifted to me by my grandma who brought them from China so their brand is undefined. I also wore a black top from Kosiuko which read 'Tomboy', a skeleton sweater from A.Y Not Dead, jeans from Uma and Zara ankle booties. I made a recreation of the outfit that you can see on the Polyvore set below :)

Caro x.

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  1. Love the outfit, you look great!

  2. yo también fui! recién hace unos días igual, pero me encantó (a pesar de que me mandaron como tarea para la facultad). alto outfit y tapado!
    mortem blonde

    1. Siii, está bárbaro! jejeje gracias. Acabo de ver el video que hiciste, me encantooo!